Dignity through self-sufficiency

for the people of Rwanda

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Msaada – helping people to help themselves

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The word “Msaada” is Swahili and means “help”.     It refers to an active type of support.

For example, if you were to meet someone going up a long hill, struggling under a burden  and you took some of the load from them to help them get to the top of the hill, then this action would be Msaada.


Fergal Keane


Joanna Lumley


Desmond Tutu


Pippa Haywood

Msaada's support for Rwanda has now passed £2,530,000


Msaada has been selected as the most effective NGO in Rwamagana District  – the most effective District in Rwanda

Msaada – the best of the best!

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On the right is the certificate  of appreciation presented to Msaada by the Rwamagana District authorities in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by Msaada to the development of the local livestock industry

IAN Robertson, the voice of BBC rugby for 46 years, will be the guest speaker at Msaada's bi-annual fundraising dinner this year.

The event will be held  in the famous Long Room at Lord's cricket ground on 15 June next.

This is a rare opportunity to experience one of sport's most celebrated interiors. The Long Room is hung with some of the finest paintings in the MCC's impressive collection.

You can enjoy an ambiance steeped in the history of cricket, though you don't have to be a cricket enthusiast for the Grade II listed building to give you a lasting impressing of elegant pleasure.

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Msaada provides the people of Rwanda with the means to live in dignity through

A dairy project

using high-yielding European Friesian-Holstien cows to help people become self-sufficient

through the sale of surplus milk and increase crop yields by using manure on their fields

An education project

which improves the fabric of the 2,000-student Scolaire Rwamagana 'A' pre-school, primary and secondary schools