Education Project

Msaada's education project is currently focussed on the Groupe Scolaire Rwamagana "A" School, which caters for over 3,000 students from nursery school to secondary level.

Msaada has undertaken a number of projects to assist the school improve its delivery of education to young people in Rwamagana.

The charity first funded the construction of a school kitchen to provide meals for students, removing the need for them to return home at break time. Many students did not return after lunch so their education suffered. The new kitchen has addressed that issue.

Msaada also funded the rehabilitation of a number of classrooms to make them more fit for purpose.

In order to improve the general efficiency and productivity at the school, Msaada has provided laptop computers for the teaching staff to improve their lesson preparation and general administration.

The latest activities at Rwamagana "A" School are the construction of eight new classrooms to reduce overcrowding in the secondary classes and to provide space for computer studies to prepare students for the challenges of the information age. Msaada also provided 24 laptops to the school to improve their capacity to train students for today's digital world. This development is dedicated to the memory of the late Peter Carr, who was a director of Saga and a well-known UK philanthropist.

Msaada recently provided a new toilet block for the school, which has made the student to toilet ratio the best in Rwanda. A school library and reading room were also funded, along with a perimer wall to provide a more secure environment for the students.

Evariste Banzubaze, former headmaster of Rwamagana "A" School, outside the eight new classrooms

The new school kitchen

Using the laptops

The rehabilitated classrooms at Rwamagana "A" School, above

The new toilet block, right

The new perimiter wall around the school nearing completion

The school kitchen

The new library