Msaada's principal activities in Rwanda are:

A dairy cow programme & a schools' programme

The dairy cow project involves airlifting high-yielding (exotic) cows from Europe to Rwanda, which are then distributed one cow per family to impoverished families in Rwamagana, eastern Rwanda. The families receive full training and support for their cow. The first female calf is passed on to a neighbour, so the project continues to grow indefinitely.

The education programme involves support for Groupe Scolaire Rwamagana A. Msaada provides funding for infrastructural improvements in this school as well as providing support for the school's information and communications technology courses to ensure the students are prepared for the challenges of the modern world.

The importance of cows & education to Rwanda

The vital role of Msaada's two main areas of activity in Rwanda are reflected on the country's 500 franc note.

Pichette Kampeta Sayinzoga, of the Rwandan Ministry of Finance, explained:

"The new note is three exotic cows in the front face to reflect the government's effort to eradicate malnutrition, while on the back face, there will be four young students working with computers to reflect the government's efforts to promote education and technology."

Dorothy and her children with their life-changing Msaada dairy cow

Pupils at Groupe Scolaire Rwamagana A crossing the playground